Monday, February 25, 2013

Video: Empty Products

Hello Fashionistas, how have you been ?

I'm so excited today cause it's been a while since we posted a video + We got so many requests to make a new one. I was watching a lot of Empties videos this month so I've decided to make one. It's not a lot pf products but I wanted to share it with you guys.

مرره متحمسة اليوم عشان لنا فترة مانزلنا فيديو + و عشان كثير سألونا ليه مانسوي. فكنت اشوف مقاطع كثير في اليوتيوب عن المنتجات اللي خلصتيها. فقررنا نسوي واحد هي مو منتجات كثيرة بس حبيت انكم تشوفونها يمكن تستفيدون

Friday, February 15, 2013

Look of the day: Friday, February the 15th

Hello Lovelies <3

Today is Friday the day of the most of the families gatherings as most of you know so I decided to show you my look today. It's so casual & comfy.

اليوم الجمعة مثل ما انتوا عارفين يوم الجمعات العائلية مثل ماهو معروف لبعضكم لذلك قررت اوريكم اللوك حقي لهاليوم. مره مو رسمي و مريح

A navy blue blouse from Mango
A statement necklace from H&M

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit Review

Hello Lovelies ..

Today I wanted something new to post about & what I've realized that we've never review something so Luckily me Shahad just bought an amazing kit from Benefit it's called How To Look The Best At Everything for medium skin tone. Let's get started:

اليوم كالعادة قررت ابي اسوي بوست جديد و استوعبت انوا ماقد سوينا ريفيو لشي ابدا و و على حظي الجميل كنت محتارة لايش اسوي شهد كانت توها من فترة شارية كيت من ينيفت و مره عجبني فقلت ليه لا ؟! خلونا نبدأ 

First how it looks 
اولا شكلها الخارجي

Let's have a moment to admire this cute packaging 
it looks like a small book
الباكيجينق مرره عجبني كانه كتاب صغير

Now what does it contain ? + Some tips & tricks
و الحين على ايش تحتوي 

it contains:
تحتوي على
  • Deluxe the POREfessional mini
  • Deluxe hello flawless oxygen wow! foundation mini
  • boi-ing, 2 x
  • "hello flawless!" powder
  • a little cute powder brush

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tashkeil event "Back Stage Riyadh" @MaisonBoM

Hey Fashionistas

If you're following us on twitter you'll know that we've been tweeting about an event that is called "BackStageRiyadh" by Tashkeil in a cooperation with Maison Bo M at Njood Mall. The event started on the 5th of February the opening day was for ladies only but the event will continue till the 25th for families. We were invited, we had so much fun & it was really crowded which is awesome.

اذا كنتوا مسوين لنا فولو عالتويتر بتعرفون انوا لنا فترة نسوي تويتز عن ايفينت لتشكيل "باك ستيج رياض" بالتعاون مع ميزون بو ام في نجود مول. طبعا الايفنت بدا في ٥ فبراير و كان اول يوم الافتتاح للنساء فقط و رح يمتد ل ٢٥ فبراير للعوائل. جتنا دعوة انوا نحضر مره انبسطنا و كان مره زحمة عشان كذا تحمسنا

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tag: You're it!

Hola Fashionistas

I was Tagged by the gorgeous Arwa to do the "You're it!" Tag, I'm so excited I love tags So let's Start:
the rules:
1. Answer the 11 questions set
2. Set 11 questions for the people you tag
3. Mention the blog who tagged you
1- What made you start blogging?
well I love writing & I have a blog for that & it was wrong to post about the other things that I love like: Fashion, beauty & others so I started this one + there were so many inspirational blog.

2- What are your favourite TV shows if any?
this question isn't for me believe me I watch a lot of tv shows but my most favorites are: Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, Merlin, 2 broke girls, Once upon a time, Sherlock and the new show The Carries Diaries. 
3- What has been the best drugstore foundation to you?
 Bourjois healthy mix
4- What is the weirdest thing that can be found in your handbag?
hmmmm Kotex  Looool

5- What do you study/work?
We're still student & I study Medicine & Shahad is still freshmen in college

6- Your best feature?
well you've to ask our friends and family about this one XD

7- Your favourite school teacher & why.
 We don't like anyone
8- What has blogging been adding to your life?
Excitement, passion, dreams, happiness, new friends seriously I feel like the happiest person when people like or comment on our posts <33

9- If you can shop for one thing only (one category) what would it be?
This is the hardest but I guess Shoes but not till the end of our lives I mean we need clothes & other stuff too

10- Do you see a bright future or an unknown one?
unknown one !! but a bright one for Shahad's

11- Favourite drink?
I love drinks but my favorite one at the moment is my Mom's cappuccino
and for Shahad is Milk 

We had so much fun answering these questions now let's create our own:
1- The weirdest fact about you ?
2- If you could live in the universe of any TV Show, Movie, or Book, which would you choose? 
3- When is your favorite time of day?
4- What's your favorite make up brand ?
5- What's your most have clothes item (E.g: Blue Jeans) ?
6- Which items do you like to spend money on?
  7- You can't sleep without ?
8- Favorite treat to eat ?
9- If you can have a super power, what would it be ?
10- What are you looking forward to this year ?   
11- If you could ask me any question, what would you ask?

 We Tag:
And Arwa_AlMaskari if she'd like to answer again

and we also tag whoever is interested 
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