Monday, October 22, 2012

White T-Shirt

We all sometimes can't find anything to wear either for college, for a party, a friend's house. But we all have those basics things that we can use whenever we want. We just need to learn how.

I choose the "white t-shirt" as the most useful thing in anyone's closet. So I searched up how can people style it & there were so many ways:

1- Layer it: wear the season’s brightly colored tanks underneath your plain.

2- Dress It Up: Just pair it with a classy pair of blue jeans or even a cute black mini skirt, and layer tons of flashy necklaces and pearls as your accessories.

3-  Be Interview Savvy: Just put the plain white t-shirt under your blazer. 

4- High Waist It: All you have to do with this look is simply tuck your plain white tee into a high skirt or short. The plain white tee has a great draping effect.

5- Wear a Vest: Vests are always a great way to layer your plain white t-shirt and can be a great going out look 

6- Make it a Beach Cover-Up: Just wear a plain white tee over your bathing suit.

7- Layer it Under the Over sized Cardigan: You can wear it to class with skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats, or you can wear it casual with leggings and a heavy pair of boots.

8- Pair it With a Scarf: Just wear the plain white tee with an over-the-top bright scarf. The plain white tee allows the scarf to have the spotlight.

9- Accompany Your Tee With Leggings.

10- Wear It Plain.

and there's still so many ways that depends on you. 

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