Saturday, December 15, 2012

Small Shopping Haul - مشترياتي القليلة

Hey hey ...

This post would be about the things that I bought on Thursday & to the Lovely @thought0day So I actually went to Riyadh Gallery cause my sis was buying a gift for her friend but if you know me you then know that I can go to a mall & go out without buying anything !! So I'll show you guys what I bought. It's not that much but hope you'll like it.

هذا البوست بيكون عن الاشياء اللي شريتها يوم الخميس واللي طلبت مني الجميلة نوف اسوي بوست عنها. طبعا انا رحت للرياض جاليري بدون سبب بس مع اختي لانها كانت تدور هدية لصديقتها و اللي يعرفني بيعرف اني مستحيل ادخل سوق و اطلع بدون شي في يديني فقررت اوريكم وش شريت هي مو اشياء كثيرة بس ان شاء الله تعجبكم

 Sweater: New Look
139 S.R

 Pants: Zara
199 S.R

 Shoes: Zara
179 S.R

Bag: Zara
279 S.R

My sis bought a dress from Zara too but I don't where is it !
I'll update the post when I find it & that's  it.

شرت اختي فستان بعد من زارا بس ما اعرف وينه اذا لقيته رح اصوره و احدث البوست
و هذا كل شي اتمنى تكون اعجبتكم


  1. your such cute , adorable angel !!! thank you so much for the mention :) you have made my day beautiful , i needed such post am about to go for shopping and don't really know what to keep in my mind !

    Great post

    1. Awwww thank you sweetie & no need <33 you made y day too with your sweet words <333


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