Friday, November 30, 2012

Cosy & Comfy: OOTD

Hey Fashionistas, Hope you all are having an amazing day.

well I know it's been days since I posted something but I was so busy with college + I've A final tomorrow. wish me luck !

It's my break time so I was thinking what about posting something that won't take time SO the easiest post was outfit of the day

طبعا لي فترة مانزلت شي كنت مشغولة مع الجامعة و بكرة عندي فاينل الله يسهل يارب.

بما ان الحين وقت بريكي قلت ليه ما انزل شي سهل عشان ماتقولون يعني هذا طنشت البلوق ففكرت و اسهل شي انوا انزل عن لبسي اليوم،طبعا هو مره عادي لجمعة عائلية تقريبا.


Sweater: H&M for kids ! I know shocking right XD
Shoes: DC

Bag: Black Satchel from H&M
Various Rings
RaisinNuts Essie Nail Polish

That's it. Hope you like it & I promise to get back to as soon as I can.

اتمنى يكون عجبكم. و ان شاء الله راح ارجع في اقرب وقت.


  1. ربي يوفقك ويسهل عليك اختبارك :*
    حبيت الاوت فيت بشكل عام
    وعجبتني الشنطه مره ♥
    يعطيك العافيه ياعسل ♥ ♥

    1. ياحبي لك شكرا ♥

      والله يعافيك ♥ ♥

  2. Beautiful Outfit <3
    I liked how comfy it is while it's still look like you put some effort into it <3
    Loved the shoes ♥ , May God help you with your exams o:)

  3. can you tell me from where you order DC shoes ? :"


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