Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Riyadh Fashion Days #Day1 Part 1 - أيام الموضة في الرياض #اليوم-الأول بارت١

Hola Fashionistas, Hope you all are having a great week.

First of all I know I'm late & I should've been posting this 2 days ago but I got busy with college & stuff.

So as you all know #RFD12 Started on Sunday I was so excited I didn't sleep worrying if I'm gonna miss it. I arrived there around 6:30 everything was perfectly organized I loved everything.

اولا، عارفة انو انا متأخرة بتنزيل البوست بس انشغلت بالجامعة و اشياء ثانية.
طبعا انتوا عارفين ان الرياض فاشن ديز بدأت يوم الأحد من الحماس مانمت خايفة يروح علي اليوم. وصلت تقريبا ٦:٣٠ الاجواء كانت مره حماس كل شي كان مرتب و جميل.

Hair & make up was by Lina Sabbouh

General Look

Those bags were designed by AbirAchkar "Ash"

Those amazing spikes handbags by Layla Shugri LYA LYA

Those also by AbirAchkar "Ash"

Seema's Jewelry

Nondesigns Abayas

LYA LYA's cute bags

Auras Jewelry *Love*

 Melanic Jewelry

That's it for the first part. The second will be about the fashion shows, the runway & the designs.

& yeah I forgot to tell you that I met most of the amazing bloggers

& pardon me If I forgot anyone.

You still can attend the 4th day The tickets are still available @MaisonBom

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